Mar 12, 2015

TomTom 1.4 Android, S4 Samsung Galaxy I-9505

I try to install TomTom 1.4 with the latest map for Western Europe for free. I’m using TomTom SatNav or GPS device before but sometime it is very difficult to catch up with the satellite signal. One day when we’re travel to Malaga Spain, the TomTom SatNav (I think TomTom XL Live) always give us a headache. Lucky for us my wife has her Samsung Galaxy S3 with the TomTom 1.3 in it. So for the rest of the travel we just use the TomTom Android. My verdict is, it is very impressive the way it response to the signal and appropriate timing in the road.

I’m using the Samsung S4 now, and try to install the TomTom version 1.4 for Europe and it is possible the whole world, you just need to download the corresponding map and the installation .apk file. I try to install it and always get this error “unable to connect to TomTom”.

I will update with the installation and maybe together with the rooting process as well.

You may click on these link for your further reference:

There are many methods to root your phone, and you can find them here: XDA-Developers ifs a great resource for finding almost all of the information you want and need. Just read the comments in the threads to see if there are any issues you come across, how to avoid them, and ahh other information you need before rooting, installing a custom recovery such as TWRP or Clockwork Mod, and/or custom ROMs and/or kernels.

One click rooting your Samsung Galaxy S4 (my S4 i9505 is fully rooted using this application) (another rooting software , it is free and worth to try)

Model Number: GT-19505
Android Version: 4.4.2
Baseband Version: 19505XXUGNG8
Kernel Version: 3.4.0-2309103
Wed Jul 2319:12:00 KST 2014

I solved the install of TomTom on my Galaxy Tab4 7 inches with KitKat 4.4.2 on SD card likes this:

1-install TomTom on internal memory
2-Start it to verify it is OK
3-Install "FolderMount" available on the play store
4-Add a pair between the folder TomTom on internal and a folder on SD card.
5-Validate and reboot
6-After reboot the transfer of the file iniciate
7-When finish, add a spindle in the "FolderMount" app. He must became green.
8-Start TomTom normally: no change for the user but the TomTom app is on the SD card !


Successfully rooted S4, do internal TomTom europe 1.4  installation and work brilliantly. Now try to migaret the map to the SD card, europe map consume 3 gig of the storage.



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