Dec 18, 2014

SCImago Journal and Country Rank

Search / publish / cite Scopus journal? About SCImago
Journals indexed by Scopus become a necessity in the academic world. So you need to make sure you send journal is scopus, also referred Scopus journal. If not .... journal / reference you will belittled your efforts and look messy. 
For newbies .... please to SCImago web, search engine using ELSEVIER indexed by Scopus data base.

Freely accessible at
The SCImago Journal and Country Rank portal is developed by SCImago Research Group working at three Spanish universities (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), University of Granada, Extremadura, Carlos III (Madrid) and Alcalá de Henares). It is named after the SCImago Journal Rank Indicator (SJR) developed by the group. The citation data used is derived from Scopus database and journal rankings are available for journals contained in the Scopus database.
The SJR indicator is calculated based on three year's citation data and attributes different weight to citations depending on the prestige of the citing journal. The prestige of a journal is estimated using PageRank algorithm in the network of journals. The prestige of a journal is transferred through the references that a journal receives from the other journals.
A detailed description of SCImago Journal Rank Indicator is available at
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