Sep 23, 2014

Facebook monthly chargers starting Nov 1

I'm not sure about this update, are you?. Or is it hoax or something ?I read it in my friend's FB update. The charges is about $2.99 per month. Wow, I dont think Mark Zukerberg that stupid enough sorry to say excuse me to impose that kind of charges to the millions of users. If he charge only a single penny  per account for annual fee he can make millions within the short period of time.

I'm using facebook for almost 8 years right now, and this thing is killing my time but it make me drowsy if not attached to it. At least 3 to 4 times I need to scroll for the new update from my friends.

“After thinking long and hard about this decision, at the end of the day, we were forced to add this monthly fee,” Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg told reporters. “If we don’t do something about our rising costs now, Facebook could cease to exist in the near future.”
“This is excellent news for Facebook stock holders,” says Wall Street analyst Dale Sackrider. “As of August this year, Facebook had a total of 1.317 billion users. If just 75% of those members pay the new monthly service fee of $3, that will mean an annual influx of cash totaling roughly $3 billion. That’s not just an increase in profits of a few dollars, that’s a game changer right there.”


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