Sep 19, 2013

Microsoft Office Word 2007 UK English but using US Keyboad.

If you have a problem with the Microsoft Word 2007 UK English default when you are using the US keyboard or US computer or US machine there is several solution you can do to solve this problem. Since my laptop using the US keyboard  and basically I’m comfortable with the arrangement of the button, I prefer to remain using the US keyboard. It is also reduce the cost of buying the UK Keyboard. I’m a postgraduate student in one of the UK University and need to write my thesis, report  and almost everything in UK English. I’m using the Microsoft XP Pro SP3, you need to do a bit of tweaking in the regional setup from the control panel. I believe most of the  Windows Operating System general configuration quiet similar. If you go to the control panel and choose the regional setting, then in the Regional Option tab, choose UK English, then click Apply button.
Then go to Language tab
For “text services and input languages”, click the details button, you will see this interface
Click Add
Choose Input language is English UK and keyboard is US International
Then click OK – You’re DONE
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