Sep 10, 2012

Adding exception list in Windows 7 Firewall

Adding Tomcat to the exception list:

One has to be logged on as an administrator to complete this procedure.

1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

2. All Control Panel Item window will get displayed, Select & open Windows Firewall.

3. Windows Firewall window will get opened as shown in image below. Select Allow a program or feature through Windows firewall.

4. Allowed Programs window will get opened. In Allow program and features, search the check box for the Apache Tomcat, and then click OK else click on Allow another program to allow Apache Tomcat program.

5. Add a Program dialog will get opened. Click on Browse button, locate the Apache Tomcat program, and then double-click it. (Apache Tomcat Program is usually stored in the Program Files folder.) The program will appear under Programs, in the Add a Program dialog box. Click Add button.

6. The Tomcat program will appear, selected, in Allowed program and feature. Click on OK.


Risk of allowing exceptions

Each time that you allow an exception for a program to communicate through Windows Firewall, your computer is made more vulnerable. To allow an exception is like poking a hole through the firewall. If there are too many holes, there is not much wall left in your firewall. Unknown intruders often use software that scans the Internet looking for computers with unprotected connections. If you have many exceptions and open ports, your computer can become a victim of these intruders.


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