May 17, 2012

Format for research proposal in computing

The general format for research proposal in (computing, not sure about other fields) should be something like

+ Overview
- Overview of your research;
+ Objectives (aims and goals)
- a paragraph about your research objectives
+ Introduction
- 1/2 pages about your research area, usually Research papers citation - for example, reference to computer network and tools/technology which you might be using
+ Research Question
- this is very much important - for example, what motivates you to do this r, what academic challenges you have, what will be your contribution etc most full time students spend first six months on Research Question;
+ Research Plan
- General Overview of your Research plan in your research proposal (which you will extend later during your studies) - you don't need to go into detail. something 1/2 pages
+ Conclusion
- a paragraph
+ References
- 15 + recent(after 2007)

USEFUL LINK for research writing
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