Apr 15, 2012

How to Improve Alexa Ranking

I'm not doing anything to improve my Alexa Ranking, in fact I dont really care about it and dont know how on earth Alexa use their own algorithm to rank your blog or website. Until one day I receive this email:

Alexa Drop

ok see I quote again
"the sites need to be under 1,300,000"
, WHAT!!!... adusss ..... I just lost the opportunities for advertising deal. To get a good alexa rank, it is not an instant task. You need to wait for several weeks or even months for that. So to me now better Alexa Ranking is a must. Before this I'm focusing more to be in a good Google PR (PageRank), right now I must do it for both.

is a subsidiary company of Amazon.com that collects information about all the websites on the World Wide Web and ranked them on the basis of the traffic they get. It shows statistic data about the websites like traffic rank, website’s reach, page views, search analytics, related links, and many more. So simply by following these steps you can improve your site’s alexa ranking:

  1. Download Alexa toolbar to your system (For each browser you use) and set your website as default home page for your browsers and also encourage your friends to do so.
  2. Write reviews on alexa for your website.
  3. Claim your site on alexa and update its title and description.
  4. Put an alexa rank widget on your website.
  5. Try to bring webmasters and SEOs to your site because most of them have alexa toolbar installed on their system.
  6. Promote your articles on webmaster forums and social networking sites.


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