Mar 28, 2012

Paypal to Maybank Account in 3 days?

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Few years back around 2009 I post something about How to link PayPal to Malaysia Bank Account? , I add my maybank account to my paypal and since then I’m not transferring any fund in paypal to my maybank account. Even though the currency between USD and RM is currently not good ( 1USD=RM3.0012), I just give a shot, then transfer $200 to maybank. Paypal promise me 2-3 working days to complete the transaction. I did the transfer in 22nd March (23rd March local date) and I received it in my account on 28th., so it is about 5 days , and to be exact 3 working days. Not bad, as long as the transaction is success.

This is the easiest way to transfer fund from USD to malaysia, before this we need to use debit card and the transaction fee is expensive. You can see the amount that I received is the same amount between paypal transaction and in my maybank account. For the smaller amount maybe practical, but for large amount never did that before. One more thing if the transfer amount is greater than RM400 it is FOC, if not the transaction fee is USD3. From my experience in receiving fund from US, the best way is using Western Union and Paypal but for international banking check is the worst, you need to wait about 1 month for the check in your mail box then about another one and a half month to clear plus the death fee from maybank (or local bank)
This is email from paypal
paypal to maybank

Date received in my maybank account

My paypal fund transfer to maybank

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