Jun 20, 2011

How do you combine .001, .002, .003 Files?

Files with sequentially numbered extensions like that have been split. To restore them to the original file, use a splitter/joiner program. There are too many such programs to list, but when I put "freeware splitter" into Google, the one at the top was HJSplit. I'm sure it will work for you, and has the added bonus of having versions available for many different operating systems.
If you don't like that one, Google has 439,000 other links to freeware splitters, and ANY splitter should be able to do the job.

Or since they are just binary splits of the same file you can just run the DOS copy command as I do

copy /b "Lawak121.zip.001"+"Lawak122.zip.002"+"Lawak123.zip.003" "lawak12.zip"

Eventhough it i a basic dos command, most of us rely on aps rather than text command.


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