May 28, 2011

Galaxy Ace Tip: How to transfer the contacts information from SIM card

If you are using the same carrier’s SIM card as the new phone carrier, it is very easy to transfer the contacts information to your new Samsung Galaxy Ace, just take the following steps.


  • Step 1: From the homescreen tap Applications

  • Step 2: Tap Contacts

  • Step 3: Press the Menu key

  • Step 4: Tap Import/Export

  • Step 5: Select import from SIM

  • Step 6: Press the Menu key

  • Step 7: Tap Import all

If your Samsung Galaxy Ace carrier is different from your former carrier, as it is an android smartphone, you need to export your contacts as .cvs file to your computer, then import it to your gmail and then sync it to your Samsung S5830.


There are two ways to add a photo to a contact icon:

  • go to the gallery, open the photo, press the capacitive menu button (the one on the left), select more and in the more menu select 'set as' and then select contact icon and select contact which you want to assign it to, or
  • You can just go to the Contacts menu, open the contact and then press the capacitive menu button, and select edit contact, then in the edit screen, you will see a little plus sign on the silhouette photo, press that and then select if you wanna add the photo from the album or take a photo


  1. Kenapa Samsung Galaxy Ace? mesti kes beli handphone baru ni hihii

  2. Great phone apart from its very frequent "sleep of death" issue which so many users seems to have. Had it for less than a month and keeps switching off.. you'll need to remove battery and put it back every time to get it started again!
    Happens to me more than 3 times a day and although i have tried every advice from forums/blogs problem remain. so disapointed as i really did love the phone.


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