Mar 2, 2011

Installing Wordpress On Windows

Install Wordpress in Windows OS

It has been quite a while for me to test a few things out of my daily routine job. I use localhost apache web server to test my php, few years back when I installed Apache web server, mysql ver. 4 and php4 in my windows xp SP2 , the chemistry between them is not promising. A lots of bugs need to be fixed , and few patches I assumed will resolved the problem, during that time all of these mysql, apache and php works very well with linux or unix base OS. I'm not really good in Linux coz I use almost everyday windows os , right now XP and 7 Vista dughhhh!!!. I face a lots of problem testing one by one, I mean , the apache server is easy to install, but when came up with the php and mysql , oh no ... "connectivity problem" know "dynamic web page issues", problems like ODBC and others.

Hmmm, why localhost?, coz it is easy for me to test the code when I'm mobile , then when it is success , I 'll try it at server later on. Since my primary OS is windows, so I need to find the installer for windows, you know the .exe and .msi file.

Since I leave for study, most of the time I'm using GUI base apps, I'm blogging with and wordpress blog, so everything is what you see is what you get - WYSIWYG, and of coz in a matter of click here and click there environment then you're set. The bad news is, I'm not writing programs a lot,most of the time is modifying the CSS for the web interface and XML, XHTML conversion from HTML those who use blogger/blogspot know about this, so my logic and skills is retarded huhu...

So, today without any doubt, I download several so called laa... the latest version of mysql5, wordpress3.1 and phpmyadmin3. Since the php and apache is already installed, so I need to install mysql and phpadmin. After the apache web server + php5 + mysql + phpmyadmin can sit and talk together, I upload the wordpress3.1 in my localhost. Surprisingly, it took me less than 5 minutes without any error or complication, the wordpress blog is up and running. is truly amazing GUI process.

If you want to know how the "dynamic web page" works, this is the best way for you to study and see for yourself how it works. It is a good for those who are not familiar with non-windows OS.

I'll try to give a simple tutorial how to do this later on with the screen capture perhaps, and of coz laa it also will help me and my students as well. Most of the file needed is in the image above, you must have apache web server, php and mysql. Then you need Zend optimizer for php, phpmyadmin for web base mysql management tools, and lastly wordpress3.1 for blog site. Even though there are some installer packages like easyphp or wampserver that bundle together php,mysql and apache, I'm prefer to install it separately, you can try it , very simple click n installed.

You may consider others open source php base product like b2evolution, Nucleus , Noahs Classifieds, Content Management like Drupal, Geeklog, Joomla, Mambo, PHP-Nuke, phpWCMS, phpWebSite, Siteframe, TYPO3, Xoops, Zikula and many others.....enjoyyy....huhu


Installing wordpress


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