Mar 23, 2011

Blogspot domain to paid domain

How did you start your blogging? on paid domain or on free domain?

if you have not started then what i will suggest you know?

i will suggest you a free domain first. As at the beginning of your blogging you shall not be able to grab the visitors too much on your blog. As there shall be too much less back linking to your blog. so, start your blog at blogger or wordpress. when you get a good traffic for your blog then convert it to paid domain.After all a paid domain is given a value. you will start making money when you will have paid domain. you will make money by your blogging when you will have paid domain. i will tell you here how to convert your blogspot hosted blog to your paid domain without affecting your page rank of google.

i would like to clear some thing here that when you convert your blog to a paid domain then your previous url address will redirect the user to your new paid domain that is boon for the blogger. ok guys now lest see how to convert your free domain to paid domain on

1.just go to your blog url and click on CUSTOMISE. this button is upper right side of your blog see it in the picture below.

2. Now you can see the option of settings in the left hand side of the top of the blog. click on the setting then on publishing button. see it clearly in the picture clearly here.In publishing section you can change the name of your blog as well or you can buy the domain.Paid domain will increase your income too much in comparison to a free domain.As no one is going to give you value of free domain as you can close your blog any time then why they should waste money on you. so convert your free domain to paid domain.

3. Now you have come to the region to set up domain name. if you don't have domain name then buy it using blogger. See the below picture type you desired domain name like- and click to will lead you to Google Apps domain purchase website. If your domain name will be available then it will proceed to registration of your domain name. Finally for the payment you will be paid using Google checkout. it will be registered with the partner of Google. You can pay using Visa card, Master card, Amex, Cascover.

You'll get a domain registration confirmation email from Google application in your given email id. There will be one link,after clicking the link in this email allows you to sign this domain up for an Apps account. If you want an receipt they will send it.

One limitation that i would will say is that there is no payment method using PAYAPL. i think this will make it more flexible.

4. This was the method how to buy a domain name in Google. But if you already have a domain even then you can convert your blogspot blog to a paid domain. This is going to host your content as before but it will be under new address bar that will be your registered domain name. In FTP publishing you will have to buy domain name and will have to buy space for hosting as well. but we are fortunate that on blogger they are going to host our content without price. Now proceed further.

5. Now you will have register your domain name with any domain name provider. you can see them here. Domain name provider. Hey dear we can use .com, .org ,.info or any valid limitation is that you will have to setup the DNS server in your domain. i will teach you how to setup for DNS. if you buy directly from blogger then they setup automatically.

6.Upadate your DNS settings:-DNS server determines what is the site a given address takes you. Though, we have a domain name but servers should know what to do with it yet. for this work we had to do two work.

(A)- Create a CNAME for the address of your blog. this should be a subdomain of type

The exact procedure for creating CNAME varies depending on your domain registrar, but here you can find instructions for many common registrars here(click on the link). Even then if you have a problem or if you face other difficulties, you can contact your registrar.

(B)- create A NAME for you domain without www in the address bar. it is also called naked domain (

    Creating A records for your naked domain is important as it allows Google to redirect people who use in your naked domain name ( to your blog page ( If you do not do this, visitors who leave off the www will see an error page.
    There are four separate A records you will create, and can be done from the same control panel you accessed your CNAME records. Simply point your naked domain (, without the 'www') to each of the following IP addresses:
you have completed the DNS setting dear now come to next.

you can buy your own domain using paypal on any domain provider. this is one of the freedom i can see in this. but if blogger is going to accept payment via paypal i think a lot of users will directly use it who have no credit card.

Update Your Blogger Settings have a domain name, and the DNS servers know to direct people to Google when they want to see your blog. But Google hosts lots of blogs, so we have to make sure the right one is associated with this domain. You'll do this on the Settings | Publishing tab for your blog in Blogger.



now you will find some text with a link named switch to:custom Domain. click on that link.The Blog*Spot Address setting now changes to Your Domain. Fill in the domain you registered, and then save your settings.

 hip hip hurrah dear now you total set up is complete. Some good news and some bad news i would like to tell you. the most important good news is that your old address with will redirect the visitors to your new own domain. the bad news is that you can't make your blog like this but i think you are interested for this.

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  1. perghhh sir, bg tutorial tahap master da nie.. siap paypal, tak mampu. ngeh..ngeh.. ^^

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