Jan 29, 2011

Test your blog | website speed

Test your blog | website speed

based on my experience, a blog @ weight depending on the theme, plugins, blog content etc etc..

there is a theme quiet heavy to load, the cosmetic view is tremendous, but sometime it takes time to load and of coz affect the blog loading performance.

as for me and for other developer/blogger as well, find the theme and test it regularly, and keep the theme that perform better. Blog reader hate to wait for loading process

I use this technique to measure my blog performance, I usually want to check the blog loading speed, I do this by:

1) http://www.iwebtool.com/speed_test

2) Enter the URL link in the blog who wants to check

3) Press the "check" button & wait a few seconds

4)the result is appeared below the box

5) Analyze the result

then do this

1) go here, http://www.iwebtool.com/speed_test

2) Enter the link URL & URL own blog blog choice who has a fast loading speed

3) Press the "check" button & wait a few seconds

4) Analyze result tu ..

5) Compare the result of the blog

I just love to share knowledge for the common good .. tq


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