Nov 7, 2010

Sub-compact car in Malaysia: my favourite list

I'm googling around to find a review and info on sub-compact car. Maybe this is the good option due to astronomically high gas prices, the sub-compact car market has just exploded. Not sure about the explotion huhuh, coz, most of the sub-compact in Malaysia is a normal car we can see on the road. The gas now reach RM2 per liter, for god sake once again per liter not per gallon (north america gas price unit by gallon), most of the fuel tank is by average is 35 to 40 liter for sedan with engine capacity 1.4-1.7 CC. Another option is Hybrid car, eventhough the tax reduction will implement next year the car price is consider unafforadable, Toyota Prius and Honda Civic hybrid is tag more than RM100k OTR. Waaa damn mahal maa. So forget about the hybrid, lets continue with the sub-compact.

Typical sub-compact in Malaysia is Kancil and Viva by Perodua, Hyundai i10 , Naza Sutera, kia picanto, suzuki alto and few others is 1000cc or less, for town driving is ok but for distance travel is so and so. For more than 1000cc up to 1.5 we have myvi perodua, honda jazz (my favourite) , suzuki swift, Hyundai Getz soon be replaced by i20, Savvy by Proton, mazda 2, ford fiesta and many more. According to , myvi is on top of the list with the monthly average is more than 5k unit sold. Others is not in favor because of the price not due to quality, perforamance or the design. For example Jazz tag is RM109k, (giler ape boleh beli rumah beb), the performance of vtec engine is superb , sexsiest bulky design but the price is an obstacle to own that baby.

Most of the time I like the hatchback sub-compact. Here is the picture of my favourite sub-compact: [jazz, swift, mazda2, fiesta, myvi se, i20, yaris]

Honda Jazz Sub compact favourite

Honda Jazz

Suzuki Swift Sub compact favourite

Suzuki Swift

Mazda 2 Sub compact favourite

Mazda 2

Hyundai i20 Sub compact favourite

Hyundai i20

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