Nov 3, 2010

Iphone 4 vs HTC Desire HD

HTC, and Apple is the main competitor in the smart phone market today. Both these phones the best among the best in the market. And this year, they are launching their main weapons. Desire HTC HD from HTC just launched in Taiwan in mid-September 2010 and 4 of the Apple iPhone. Most of the readers I guess want to have this in their pocket. So, not to waste any time, I want to share the review the advantages between the two of the best phone.

1) Review Screen Desire HTC HD vs Iphone 4

The main point of generation of HD is HTC Desire big screen, measuring 4.3 inches with 480 x 800 WVGA resolution, this is the biggest so far compared to other smart phones. HTC coupled with the browser, the pictures are very striking and bright. And can we say it in more detail.

IPhone Screen 4 will be slightly smaller than HTC HD Desire. Measuring 3.5 inches, this brings a lot of difference, but,iphone4 screen resolution is 640 x 960 pixels. Or called "Retinal Display" by Apple. However, we wish to emphasize here is where it does not make a difference on the technology "Display retina" is. This is due to the displayed pixel is more than what can be seen by your own eyes so "Retinal Display" can we say "pointless".

The main weakness of Desire HTC HD is a great size. But, too big doesn't it is too good. The iPhone 4 is smaller and looks like a regular Nokia phone we've seen. And most of us are more interested in a portable phone, and looks more cool. However, it also depends on individual taste preferences.

2) Operating Review (OS) HTC HD vs Iphone 4 Desire

The battle between the IOS OS 4.1 from Apple and the HTC Android 2.2 has been going on since the first day of their launch to assess any better platform. For IOS 4.1, it improved from previous versions of iTunes and the TV Rentals Ping. In addition, there are Game Center platform. (IPhone is recognized to the foot of games). Both the Android and IOS features almost the same as folders, Multitasking, (the iPhone a bit slow with multitasking), Email Exchange, and the ability to change the home wallpaper. Both the Android and IOS also features a faster processor to support their mobile capabilities.

The biggest difference between them is the HTC Desire HD support Flash for graphics applications and Internet browsing is better. Apple does not support flash and choose HTML5 to replace Flash.

3) Review applications operating (OS) HTC HD vs Iphone 4 Desire

Simply and solely, the iPhone App Store is a "pioneer" for all other service applications. This is because they have nearly 250,000 applications for selection. Meanwhile, the market for Android applications, only there were some 80,000 applications available. However, the advantages of Android applications is that it has a free application (80 percent free) more than the iPhone (80 per cent of paid-up application). However, more applications for free does not mean better. For now, the application of the iPhone is the best quality so far.

4) Processor Review HTC HD vs Iphone 4 Desire

Both HD and iPhone HTC Desire 4 is supplied with a 1GHz processor. Apple iPhone 4 processors using an A4 whereas Desire HTC HD will use the processor that was already noted for the ability of Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon QSD 8255.

Both are fast, but according to experience, HTC processor is better for us in terms of stability and ability to multi-tasking. Weaknesses iPhone 4 seems more pronounced when playing the game application.

5) Review Sound and Video / Camera Desire HTC HD vs Iphone 4

Both works recording video in High-Definition (HD) but the advantage in favor of the HTC Desire HD because it is equipped with Dolby Surround Sound and Dolby Mobile to make sure you can watch high-quality video accompanied by a Dolby surround sound. IPhone Speaker 4 was the best of previous versions are a bit disappointing. But it was not enough to defeat the ability of Desire HTC HD. A bit disappointing, no big upgrade for audio from the iphone 3G and 3GS earlier.

HTC Desire HD also has DLNA function, the application that allows you to share media between electronic goods that also have the same characteristics, ie your computer, or your speakers. Have many phones with this feature and it is interesting to HTC to implement this into their phone.

Desire HTC HD comes with 8-Megapixel camera and dual LED flash and autofocus functions. 4 While the iPhone is only equipped with 5-Megapixel camera and flash. Although HDR technology has been incorporated into the IOS 4.1, but problems arise when you want to take a picture which is too fast and often makes the picture a "blur." In full here, with Dolby Surround Sound, 8 Megapixel auto-focus camera and HD video recording is better, the advantages enjoyed Desire cinematic experience using the HTC HD is better.

While iPhone sales and the effect of 4 was still the best way of marketing the explosive used by Steve Jobs, this does not mean it is best among the existing smart phones. As for me, I just sold my HD and now with Nokia 1208, back to the basic huhu


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