Aug 27, 2010

Minyak Sapi Ghee TIDAK Halal

Sempana sibuk buat kuih raya ni, marilah kita beringat :

JAKIM mengambil keputusan untuk MENARIK BALIK Sijil Pengesahan Halal Malaysia kepada Syarikat QBI Packaging Sdn Bhd berkuatkuasa 26 Ogos 2010. Oleh yang demikian, QBI Packaging Sdn Bhd adalah dilarang serta merta menggunakan logo halal Malaysia pada semua produk berjenama QBB Pure Ghee.


Sila rujuk Jakim untuk status terkini, kalau was-was jgn pakai sudahhhh

Aug 25, 2010

Syahmi Wafiq Latest Video

Ok, ni latest development of Wafiq, budak lelaki, active compared to baby girl, maklum lah anak pertama perempuan sopan santun sikit, kena budak lelaki ... layan je lah klip ni

Aug 24, 2010

Tekken Jin Kazama

Aug 18, 2010

The Future of Object Oriented Programming


The object-oriented paradigm is based on the idea that objects exist independently of each other, and that operations can be executed on them. Consequently, a user in a true object-oriented development environment should be able to interactively create objects of any available class, manipulate these objects and call their interface routines.· Platform independence - "Write once - run anywhere" capability

As a matter of fact you cannot run a java program 'anywhere' unless there is a virtual machine. But its as good as anywhere. Also I know some folks who would say its "write once debug everywhere" but any such platform dependent bugs are probably VM issues. All in all this platform independence is a huge plus point for enterprise development saving tons of cash and effort in porting products.

· Ease of use

I'm not really sure how many hard nut programmers would agree with me but programs are easy to visualize when they are object oriented (once you get the hang of it). After the concept is built, it becomes much easier to realize it in code.

· Free runtime/compilers/tools

This was one of the best moves by Sun. The runtime is free, the developement kit is free and now there are a ton of other tools built with java for java that are free. This makes java development easy and affordable.

There are a number of ways to measure the popularity of a programming language, for example, based on the number of:

  • New applications written in the language
  • Existing applications written in the language
  • Developers that use the language primarily
  • Developers that use the language ever
  • Web searches
  • Available jobs that require skills in the language
  • Developers' favorites

Java has some other advantages as a teaching language

Low cost. The tools needed to build and test Java programs

are available without charge. Sun makes the Java Development Kit (JDK) available over the Internet, where faculty and students alike can download it. The JDK-which includes the Java compiler and interpreter, among other tools-is admittedly spartan, but students should find it adequate for most programming assignments. Those willing to spend a little money will find nicer program development environments (such as Symantec Café and Microsoft J++) available at moderate prices.

Easy to test. Students can put their programs-written

as applets-on their Web pages for instructors to test

and critique. Instructors can monitor a student's

progress at any stage by simply visiting the student's

Web page.

Student enthusiasm. Java has gotten so much publicity

that students are bound to be excited about learning it. By harnessing that enthusiasm, instructors can use Java as a vehicle to teach students a tremendous amount about modern-day computing. Students will be motivated by Java's growing importance in the "real world." Moreover, students will be thrilled by the ease with which they can build sophisticated GUI programs.

Suitable for advanced courses. After students gain

familiarity with the basic features of Java in CS1, they can use its advanced features in later courses. For example, a course on operating systems can take advantage of Java's support for threads. The network classes that come with Java make it ideal for a networking course.

Easy transition to C++ and other languages. Java's

syntactic similarity to C and C++ should ease the transition to those languages.

International appeal. The Unicode character set is an

integral part of Java, allowing students to learn about the issues of developing software for the international market.

Java has significant advantages not only as a commercial language but also as a teaching language. It allows students to learn object-oriented programming without exposing them to the complexity of C++.

Aug 11, 2010

Mobile Database Design

Design consideration and goals
Few aspects need to be considered in order to achieve the goals of designing the Mobile Database System or MDS. Performance need to be stabilized due to the mobility usage. The design of the MDS should be unobtrusive interface. The MDS is reliable to fulfill the high expectation of mobile users. Lastly the scalability of the MDS, these includes, everyone will synchronize at the same time. Merge replication, let database engines synchronize the local database that resides on the mobile device with a central database running on a server. Determine how the data will be imported or exported to the driving database on the server as part of the database strategy. Plan the synchronization strategy as part of the database design phase (Laberge R and Vujosevic S , 2002).
Mobile Database Design
Mobile database design is base on eight steps. The particular steps will help the design goal of MDS will succeed. The Figure 1 below will show the flow of the eight mobile database design steps.

1. Mobile Platform
Factors that may be considered when choosing a platform include, ease of use, ease of development, ease of communication, ease of deployment, product price, system reliability, product maintainability, communication bandwidth, technical support, and product popularity. It is also necessary to give considerations which kind of wireless communication techniques and network facilities are available to use with mobile applications. For example, which mobile operating system is the best for proper deployment of MDS? Current available mobile and laptop operating system include, Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7, Windows Mobile and PocketPC, Symbian OS 7.x/8.x/9.x, Linux, and Embedded Linux.

2. Mobile Database
Once the platform has been chosen, an appropriate mobile database management system will need to be selected. At this point, if it is determined that the mobile databases supported on the mobile platform selected earlier do not meet the requirements, and then it may be necessary to select another mobile database or to change to another mobile platform (Yu, W.D. and Sharma, 2007). For example IBM DB2 Everyplace and Oracle9i Lite (G Jim ,2008) . Oracle Database Lite provides a small footprint, SQL-enabled client database for local access to enterprise data by applications on the mobile device. In addition, it features the Mobile Server middleware component that supports scalable data synchronization and centralized management of mobile resources (

3. Central Database
The selection of central database is parallel with mobile database selection, because the database needs to coexist in a single system while sharing the data. For example, if the SQL Server for Windows Mobile is used as a mobile database, SQL Server can be used as a central database to ensure interoperability, because both database management systems from the same vendor.

4. Transaction Model
An appropriate transaction model should be chosen depending on the model characteristics and user preferences. Names among transaction models are available in mobile environment Kangaroo, PRO-MOTION, Moflex, Cluster and Multi-Database.
5. Optimization Techniques
The compression technique provides the capability to move large amount of data between the mobile device and the central database server. The compression technique will make the best use of available bandwidth, the data transferred between mobile devices and the central database. This will not only improve the performance, but will also make the bandwidth available to the other users. Mobile devices have limited storage issues, the most frequent used data should be stored to make the best use of available space.

6. Database Entities
Identifying the database entities and the data is crucial. After the infrastructure related decisions have been made, decisions pertaining to storing the data need to be made.

7. Entity Attributes
While database entities are being identified, attributes contained in each of those entities will need to be considered. For each of those attributes, the data type and data size also need to be determined.

8. Entity Relationship Diagram
When the detail database entities and their attributes are finalized, an entity relationship diagram needs to be developed (Yu, W.D. and Sharma, 2007). This diagram will provide the relationships between different entities.
Database design process is the most critical part. This step involves making a number of important decisions and the above mention steps earlier plays vital roles in developing successful MDS

Aug 5, 2010

Dofollow and nofollow blog

dofollow blog list

What is a DoFollow Blog?

A lot of webmasters and bloggers have been so obsessed with this attribute because it tells the search engines to "do follow" the link to the comments section. Most blogger sites have been set to the nofollow attribute just to combat with the spamming.

OK, what the hack is "dofollow" or "nofollow":
If you’ve been doing any kind of reading about link building, then you’ve probably seen people mentioning “nofollow” and “dofollow” links. These are very important terms to understand when you are trying to build great links back to your site in order to increase your search engine rankings. But, to the person who is new to all of this, it may be kind of confusing. Read more here

How to Turn Your NoFollow Blogger Blog into DoFollow

To remove nofollow attribute just follow the simple steps :

Login to your Blogspot dashboard
Click on Layout then go to Edit HTML
Check mark Expand widget templates
Find this code

From the code remove " rel=’nofollow’ "
new code will look like this
Click on save and refresh your blog.

You blog will no longer contain the no follow attribute.

Aug 3, 2010

Blog Directory Submission

To get a good position or positions on search engines it requires perseverance and patience from you in the campaign, because search engines need to evaluate the popularity of the blog first. This is because you’re not only building your blog but many others also building in the same niche.

So the factors of backlink played the vital role in increasing the popularity of your blog. You will promote your blog by way of get backlink from the Blog Directory.

Here is a list of Blog Directories :

What is back link

A back link is an inward link to your site that may or may not be reciprocated with an outward link back. If page A links to page B then a back link would be a link which goes from page B back to page A.

For example let’s consider you find an interesting article on web and you require the article to be displayed on your website hence you link the article to your website. Now your website acts as a back link to that article or to the URL where the article is originally located.

Check your website backlinks with Back link Checker tool that enables you to know the number of websites who have given a link to your website or webpage. Back links are inward links to a website or a webpage; it acts as one of the key factors in determining the ranking of your website. It helps you to have a track of the other websites on the web that link to your URL.

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