Jul 15, 2010

Where to Submit my Site?

Submit your site

A lot of bloggers and webmasters tries to submit their website to many search engines they can get. But, the main question is the “Is it a useful technique?”. My answer to this question is below.

Well, as I’ve say, over 80% of the all traffic to this blog comes directly from the search engines on the internet. But, in the practice that’s mostly the most powerful and most popular search engine – Google. More than 90% of the all search engine (organic) traffic to my blog comes from the Google.

Manual Submission

Below, I’ll list the manual submission forms for the all popular search engines on the internet, where you should submit your blog or a website for sure.

Submission to the above search engines are the most important. Actually, many third-party search engines on the planet uses their engines and they can give you some results for sure.

Automatic Submission

Since I like to submit my blogs manually, there’re some popular automatic submission services on the internet that can submit your site to the multiple search engines.

Please note that by the automatic submission you can’t get 100% guarantee that your site would be successfully crawled for the specific search engine. Actually, most search engines simply doesn’t like the automatic submission services and scripts on the internet.

Advanced Submission

The most popular search engines on the planet allows you to use an advanced submission technique – by submitting your own RSS feed or sitemap file of your site. This may help search engine to find the pages on your site more effectively. You can submit your site using following services:

  • Google Webmaster Central – Allowing you to add your site sitemap or feed and get you the information about your content from the selected sitemap or feed you provide.
  • Yahoo! Site Explorer – Allows you to add your feed or sitemap to improve overall Yahoo! crawl rate of your site. Unfortunately, doesn’t have much more information about your sitemap like Google does.
  • Bing Webmaster Tools – The Bing search engine is formerly known like live search engine. Owned by Microsoft. This is a collection of tools where you can submit your sitemap and feed and see more useful information.

I strongly recommend you to use only these three search engines as your main primary goal, specially take care about the most popular and the most effective one – Google. Other search engines likes to crawl the other popular search engines to find the listings for their own search engine results pages.

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