Jun 3, 2010

Oh Malaysia Ku

I just quote from my reading, posted by fellow blogger :

Dear Tan Sri, Datuk Seri, Yang Berhormat, Professors, Friends and Foe,
We have oil below the ground, oil above the ground.
The highest twin towers and most sophisticated airport in the world.
Our billionaires increased their wealth.
We supply electronics to every corners of the world and friends to the wealthy Arabs.
People influx to earn their living here.
Our land are the most fertile.
Tourists flocking in to enjoy everything we put on offer and we attract the fastest drivers to come and race........and we put our best sons and people in trust to take care of our nation for the past 50 years...........
Suddenly we are told that we will go bankrupt in 9 (nine) years to come.........can someone give an explanation?

Malaysia getting more jokes poking around nowadays... pity 1Malaysian


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