Jan 9, 2010

2010 everything changes

Tak lambat nak ucap happy new year, yes to all "HAPPY NEW YEAR" that means only once it is new year jer yg happy the rest of the year tak HAPPY ke.

Ok, back in Dec 2009, my study leave is approved, so I'm on my way to school back again. Masa ni jugak lah, my lovely Dell XPS laptop blow, dah jual pun dapat la dlm RM700, pastu nasib baik ada member nak jual XPS gak spec upgrade sikit Core 2 Duo , T8300 2.4 GHz processor , tapi kaler tak best warna merah cam hampeh nak wat camna barang second hand.

so bye bye my black XPS

and welcome

ok enough for the XPS , to make it worst though , my dopod oso kong, the battery life last for 2 hours max, so sell it oso at lowyat.net,

and looking for HTC Touch HD or iphone , yet in my pocket.

Qistina oso go to school, and I'm mobile on / off at home. So this Jan 2010, lots of thing changes, still adapting with the new environment.


  1. amek iphone 3gs la.best best.nanti boleh tukar-tukar.hehe =)

  2. bro, nak jual xps m1330 tu? kindly text me 0182818343. thank you.


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