Dec 15, 2009

ASB PNB and 8.55%

KUALA LUMPUR: Amanah Saham Nasional Bhd (ASNB) yesterday declared an income distribution of 7.3 sen per unit and a bonus of 1.25 sen per unit for Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) for the financial year which ends on Dec 31.

ASNB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Permodalan Nasional Bhd, said this involved a total of RM4.95 billion, about a fifth higher than last year. It will pay a total of RM537.65 million for the bonus portion.

"The income distribution this year is better than last year’s which was only seven sen per unit," PNB chief executive officer Tan Sri Hamad Kama Piah Che Othman announced at a press conference yesterday.

Last year’s income distribution was the lowest ever paid by PNB.

However, this year’s bonus is less than last year’s, which was 1.75 sen per unit.

"The bonus is paid out in full to those who have invested with PNB for 10 years. Those who have invested less than the 10-year period will not be able to enjoy the full bonus," he said.

After PNB announcing the dividend for ASB, so I precalculate what is the expecting figure on early next month. 8.55% is the normal rate that I assume most of the Malaysia expect this figure. Do remember dividend is 7.3% only. Hmmm, no plan what am I gonna do with it.

Suddenly, my PDA Phone is loosing its power, the battery is nearly death, also the disease spread to my laptop, burn RM235 to repair and here come the worst scenario, the mainboard of my laptop is caput , it's death dude, my lappy, the XPS M1330 Dell suddenly off, with no power at all and Dell quote me >RM1k to replace the mainboard. I guess it is time for me to say goodbye to my laptop (thanks for the 2 years of service). Now I'm looking for the new/used laptop due to budget constrain, I'm scouting for the price less than RM2.5k.

Is that all??, nahhh, the car road tax and insurance will rip off my pocket once again this year, and this month oso my car need a major service. Wow the list keep expending guys.

Refinance my home, off coz lawyer fee again. N I guess, last but not least, heheheh, Qistina will be in her primary school early next year, so all the necessity need to be prepared before her first step to education world formally. So same with me here, I'm oso going to school end of this month. Lawakkan, boleh saing dgn Qistina le plak.

I guess with all of this situation, the dividend paid by PNB cant cover it at all, hope my company will proceed with the bonus payment end of this year.

Payouts are usually on the first week of January, unless otherwise announced by PNB. I figured this post would be helpful for those trying to gauge the performance of our Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) for the last 15 years:

* 1993: Dividend=9.00, Bonus=4.50*

* 1994: Dividend=9.00, Bonus=4.50*

* 1995: Dividend=10.0, Bonus=3.00*

* 1996: Dividend=10.25, Bonus=3.00*

* 1997: Dividend=10.25, Bonus=1.25*

* 1998: Dividend=8.00, Bonus=2.50*

* 1999: Dividend=10.5, Bonus=1.50*

* 2000: Dividend=9.75, Bonus=2.00*

* 2001: Dividend=7.00, Bonus=3.00*

* 2002: Dividend=7.00, Bonus=2.00**

* 2003: Dividend=7.25, Bonus=2.00**

* 2004: Dividend=7.25, Bonus=2.00**

* 2005: Dividend=7.25, Bonus=1.75**

* 2006: Dividend=7.30, Bonus=1.25**

* 2007: Dividend=8.00, Bonus=1.00**

* 2008: Dividend=7.00, Bonus=1.75**

* 2009: Dividend=7.30, Bonus=1.25**

- So now you can start dream of your interest that you might get for this year! By simply use this calculation —– asb-calculator-v11


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