Nov 30, 2009

Change the Title Tags in Blogger for More Search Engine Traffic

By default Blogger displays the blog title first, followed by the name of the post. As you might notice this is not good when it comes to SEO. It's important for the name of the post to come before the name of your blog, especially when it comes to google search results. Learn how to make your post title show up first so that you can reel in more traffic from the search engines.

Why Change the Titles?
It's quite important to have the Post Title + Blog Title arranged accordingly because this is how you would want your blog to be displayed on google's search results. This way more people will click on your link when searching google because the post title is more relevant than your post name.

Example Google Search Results:
You are most likely to click on the bottom image when searching google for the keywords "image reflection generator". The reason being is that your mind reads text from left to right. So it makes sense to have the more important title on the left.

How to Change the Titles:

  1. Go to Layout>edit HTML in your Blogger dashboard.

  2. Search for this tag: <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title>

  3. Replace this tag with the following code:

  4. <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'> <title><data:blog.title/></title> <b:else/> <title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title> </b:if>
  5. Save your template and you should see the results in your web browser as depicted in the images below.

  6. It may take a few days for the changes to show up on the google search results. I guarantee you that you will start receiving more traffic from google once you are re-indexed!

Nov 26, 2009

Salam Aidiladha


Nov 24, 2009

VMware Server 1.0.7 on Ubuntu 8.10

After nearly a day long struggling to run my WinXp in Ubuntu, my mission is completed Now I can run the already installed XP Pro (in different partition) virtually in Linux. So no need for me to install the XP again. The good is, no more switching between OS and run Adobe software from the VMware Server. The bad is, slow and I'm still working on bridging the network. If using NAT I dont want to share same IP between host and guest host OS. Damn slow indeed.

I keep this note for my reference and share to all:

Download the dependencies and components

You’ll need to, of course, download the VMware Server .tar.gz file. This can be done using this command:

wget -c

There is also a patch to get this to compile properly. VMware has regularly been guilty of not keeping up with the latest kernels. This patch will help correct this problem:

wget -c

And the one last thing we’ll need are the compiler tools, which can be installed using this command (or click the package name to use aptURL):

sudo aptitude install build-essential linux-kernel-headers xinetd

Now that we have all of the dependencies and archives downloaded we can unpack them. In the same location where you downloaded the .tar.gz files (likely your home folder or Desktop), run the following command:

tar xf vmware-update*.tar.gz

tar xf VMware-server*.tar.gz

Installing VMware Server 1.0.7 + patch

We’ll now start the installation. First we need to install the core vmware application. We’ll then patch the configuration script, and configure the system.

cd vmware-server-distrib/

sudo ./

On my installation I used the defaults until it asked me if I’d like to run the configuration script. At this point select [no].

Once this has finished and you’ve quit at the configuration option, use these commands to patch the config:

cd ../vmware-update*/

sudo ./

This script will patch the configuration and then again ask you to run the configuration script. This time around select [yes]. On my installation I selected the defaults for the remaining questions and my installation works fine.

Running Your XP Partition Directly In Ubuntu Using VMware

This is a great thing to try and comes in handy if you still need to use Windows for those few things and want to find a way to do it without having to reboot over and over again.

Using VMware GSX its possible to create a virtual machine using a pre-existing windows disk/partition and boot that directly. Now I haven’t done any tests (yet), but if you try this and you see similar things let me know (comment), but I set this up and gave my Windows VM 800MB of ram. Now my machine has a total of 3GB ram but, and here’s whats really interesting. Loading my Windows XP VM seems 50x better speed wise then it does to boot into it directly without virtualization. Like I said I’ve not run any tests to confirm this but when it takes about a minute of the Windows XP is now loading screen compared to 10 seconds through the VM then it kinda gets you thinking. Taking into consideration the VM only has 800mb! and directly it has 3GB. Anyway, here’s how:

  • Install XP on a disk seperate to linux or dual boot off the same disk (I have to seperate disks, grub sitting on the linux disk)

  • Install VMware Server, in Ubuntu sudo apt-get install vmware-server

  • Once installed go back to Windows and create a new hardware profile:

    • Click StartControl PanelSystem

    • On the Hardware tab, select Hardware Profiles

    • Click Copy, and call your new hardware profile VMware.

  • Install the SCSI drivers (I didn’t do this initially, so when the VM would load Windows would just blue screen) You can extract the drivers using this To install the drivers do the following:

    • Click StartControl PanelAdd Hardware and step through the wizard

    • Tell Windows you’ve already connected the hardware.

    • On the next screen, there’s a list of installed hardware. Go all the way down to the bottom and choose Add a new hardware device.

    • Choose to Install the hardware that I manually select from a list.

    • Next choose SCSI and RAID controllers. After, that, click Have Disk… and navigate to the drivers you extracted with WinImage.Windows will install the VMware SCSI driver.

  • Boot back into Ubuntu and start VMware Server Console from Application->System Tools

  • Select Create A New Virtual Machine:

    • Select Custom

    • Select your version of Windows (in my case XP Professional)

    • Leave the name default unless you want to change it

    • Default for the processor (one)

    • Make private, up to you I normally uncheck this (I’m the only user on my PC anyway)

    • Select the amount of RAM you want to give the virtual machine

    • Bridged networking normally suites

    • Buslogic For the SCSI controller

    • Select Use a physical disk (for advanced users)

    • Now depending how you set this up disk or partition will determine what you select here. If Linux and Windows are on seperate disks and Windows is still bootable without grub you can just select the entire Windows disk otherwise select individual partitions and select your windows and linux parition

  • After this you can customize the hardware of the VM if you like, remove floppy etc

  • Start the VM and boot into windows making sure to select the VMware hardware profile

  • Once loaded install the VMware tools, from the server console VM->Install VMware tools…

  • Once done reboot and enjoy

  • credit to: and

    Nov 22, 2009

    Qistina Konvo 2009

    Qistina Konvo, bersama anugerah cemerlang

    Akhirnya konvo lah anak sulong aku, konvo kali kedua sbb tadika 2 tahun. So sebagai parent of coz la rasa teruja and proud. It is a joint event between the "Tadikarama" and "Penyampaian Sijil" ala-ala commencement. Took us half day to settle everything, dari persembahan, penyampaian sijil dan last sekali anugerah pelajar cemerlang. What 'm proud more is , Nina was awarded with the 'Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang', tak ku sangka, hantar si Nina pagi2 buta sebelum pi keja di berkati Tuhan - Alhamdulillah. Tadika ni mamang aktif, kalau follow blog ni, almost all activities that Nina participate I'll post it here. Dari camping, kawad, nasyid, choir, net ball, sukan neka etc etc, as a parent kadang2 tu cam tak larat nak melayan, but this is the beginning of the formal education, we should support our kids to the fullest.

    Ni masa ending zapin, during that day Nina quiet busy sikit, sbb she involved in zapin, and on stage twice

    Preparation before live on stage

    Penyampaian Sijil

    Pertandingan Kawad Qistina 09

    Ni antara aktiviti anak aku yg tak sempat nak upload kat blog. Pertandingan kawad peringkat daerah batu pahat untuk tadika. Lokasi: Balai Bomba baru batu pahat, bomba sponsor baju, tapi tgh hari dah kena pulang.

    Nov 21, 2009

    How to login as root on Ubuntu

    Many people want to know how to obtain root permission on Ubuntu no matter su command or login x window.
    The root passwd have never been configured when you install ubuntu first time.
    You can use below command to change root password.

    $sudo passwd root

    Now, you can use su command as below.

    $su -

    You can follow below diagram if you want to login the window as root privileges.

  • 1. Select Login Window option System --> Administration --> Login Window

  • 2. Please click this option --Allow local system administrator login

  • 3. Switch normal user to root

  • 4. You can login as root now.

  • Unlocker

  • Ever had such an annoying message given by Windows?

    • It has many other flavors:

      Cannot delete file: Access is denied

      There has been a sharing violation.

      The source or destination file may be in use.

      The file is in use by another program or user.

      Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.

  • Unlocker is the solution!

    • 1. Simply right click the folder or file and select Unlocker

      2. If the folder or file is locked, a window listing of lockers will appear

      3. Simply click Unlock All and you are done!

    Download Unlocker from

    Nov 3, 2009

    Small Cat Big Cat


    Have you ever in part of your life, you feel that it is hard to make a right decision for yourself?, oh God it is happen to me.... hopefully with a bless of God , I did the right thing. In one site it is "once in a life time offer that I coudnt resist" , another site "a so and so situation but it is a safe journey". It is apple vs apple except red vs green. Well fella , it is life, a human nature, -curiosity, skeptic, unconscious, ridiculous, blur, fade-up etc etc.

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