Oct 22, 2009

w3schools is the best

Traversing around the net and looking for the comprehensive tutorial for web development, no doubt w3schools.com is the best. I've been using this tutorial almost more than five years. From the basic HTML to XML nowadays, I'm still intact with them. If you, the type of guys that hard to hold any book in your hand, online tutorial is there for you. If the web development is a handy thing to deal with, W3schools.com will help you.

Also, W3Schools.com does not just offer free education on HTML programming. They are the ultimate webmasters resource because they teach all of the major components of web design and development. The full list would be quite a long one, and you can see it on their site navigation bar, but I will say that finding a site that teaches HTML, XHTML, CSS, ASP, XSL, SOAP, SQL, PHP, and many many more technologies, yet , all in one place, absolutely amazing and a resource that should be supported in every way. Two thumbs up.

Here is the W3schools.com screen shot



  1. betul lah sir! i've been using this website as a guru since my 1st semester in utm during degree. and until now, w3schools is still my best companion (although these days am not doing any pengaturcaraan)

  2. btul2! cuma dulu interface dia tak brapa lawa..skrg mkin cantik..hehe.


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