Aug 4, 2009

Pikom PC Fair II 2009 BP Mall

Pikom PC Fair 2009

Last weekend, I could reserve my spare time of "visiting" BP Mall to sneak around PC Fair 2009, a largest IT Festival (so called) here in Malaysia. Most of the booth is belong to the same "tokey" maybe due to a lack of numbers IT retailers in BP, (small town dude). What I can see here, from my observation and price analysis, the price could be about the same before or after the PC Fair, unlike our members out there in KL, whereby participant in PC Fair is numerous, so they need to compete among themselves and finally consumer is the winner ye ker??. Ye lah we have an opportunity to compare prices in one stand place.

I ask a few colleague back in my office, they all agreed with me, lousy PC Fair, no price warfare. If you buy a notebook you'll get chippo made in cina accessories worth few bucks. As for me, I'm not sure whether PC Fair is the best place to buy a new high budget IT stuff, like Laptop, Desktop or Laser Jet printer. Goodies and accessories by comparison is the best place to buy during PC Fair. Most of the time customer always buy theirs due to PC Fair mood, push by desperate retailers to achieve sales target, confuse to make the right decision and dont know how to spend "duit gaji" sbb awal bulan. But my advice is fairly simple, if your level of IT literacy is on par or not sure the good specification that meet your need, please ask someone expert, dont ask the "tokey" even virus is good for them.

Then here I'm, to be part of the PC Fair contributor and for the sake of Malaysian IT development growth ayat je lebih so I bought these twos: hahahah... USB light and wireless mouse both worth RM59.00. Nasib baik tak beli lebih2


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