Jul 28, 2009

Yahoo new page

Yahoo on its way to launch their new front page, I'm not a huge fan of yahoo but if you can remember the phrase "do you yahoo" or something like that, back than yahoo.com in the glorious moment before suddenly google take over no 1 search engine in the net. The impact of google is huge compared to yahoo. If you watch a hollywood movie they like to use a word "Googling" that synonyms with internet data searching process.

Old one: (duhhhhh!!!)

The new one: (duhhhhh!!! also)

But, right now as of my humble point of view, google is preferable, why?....because it is simple, this is a front page of google:


  1. do you yahoo? if yes, then the result after yahoing (erk, blh pkai ke?) will be yahooerk (lg erk, blh pkai ke?)

  2. I guess they are slightly different in the sense that Yahoo wants to position itself as something more than just a search engine and more of a portal. Personally I prefer Google as well.


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