Jul 17, 2009

Practical Bike Kawasaki ER-6N

Kawasaki Motors Malaysia (KMM) launched its new CKD (completely knocked down) bikes last year

The ER-6N quickly became popular as the pricing was right. A nice looking Japanese bike with 600cc twin cylinder engine priced well below RM30,000 (KMM has increased the price now) was too good to ignore, and Malaysians snapped it up.

We like the bike, but there are a few shortcomings, given its status as an entry-level model in Kawasaki's big bike line-up. Secretly, we knew many of the owners would upgrade to a bigger bike.

Late last year, Kawasaki Japan introduced an updated version of the bike and KMM introduced it here a few months ago.

Changes are subtle but noticeable, and give the whole package a tighter and sharper look.The front headlight is new and looks more masculine while the tank is taller, giving the bike a compact image.

Grab rails are now aluminium and the rear light has ditched the old-school bulb for a brighter LED type.The meter pod is also new. The two-tier type has an anologue speedo at the top with white backlit dial, while the lower part houses the digital bar-type tachometer in orange background. It looks good, night or day.

We especially like the multi-display function, accessible even with gloved hands.

Technical wise, the engine still outputs the same horsepower but the fuel mapping has been changed to give a livelier character, especially below 4,000 rpm. It sounds like a minute change but compared with the old ER-6N, this change makes a whole lot of difference.

Vibration, a problem for the old bike, has been addressed by installing more rubber bushing on the frame, handlebar and the footpegs.

You can rev better now without the engine sounding and feeling like it is about to fall out of the tubular frame.With a crispier response, we also found that the bike didn't require too much gear change while riding it in the city as we were able to pull the lower gears longer.

The Keihin fuel injection system has been revised, and this was obvious as the throttle input was more direct.Suspension is rather soft even after we tweaked up the pre-load, but the ER-6N is never about going fast. This is a practical bike for the urbanites, a good replacement for the old ER-5.

For new riders or for veterans who need a daily ride, the ER-6N is a good option.

By Hezeri Samsuri
Source: Cbt


Engine: 649cc liquid cooled 2-cylinder DOHC 8V

Max power: 71hp @ 8,500rpm

Max torque: 66Nm @ 7,000rpm

Transmission: 6-speed

Kerb weight: 200kg

Fuel tank: 15.5 litres

Price: RM30,989

Nearest Dealer Quotation:

Insurance + Roadtax cam kete jer...


  1. saye pown x teragak2 kalo nak start my superbike dgn kawa...and this is one of my first choice kalo nak amik yg naked bike category.

  2. Right now this is my first choice affordable superbike, baca review mcm ok, this one is CKD not CBU.

  3. tak suke motor sgt.setakat nih minat karisma je.nak honda accord 1.hehe =P

  4. dah ade lesen b full ke??hehehe
    rmh saye mmg dkat je ngan welly klang...kalo xnak welly pown xpe, ade je kdai moto bike len yg lg dkat.

    for beginner rasenye saye nak try amik r6 trus la...boleh x?? rasenye mcm mencabar kewibawaan jugak kalo nak compare dgn karisma 150 ni...haha

    wah...kat kolej lpas ni dah ade la yg men superbike plak..hehehe

  5. salam sir
    nk beli moto baru ke?
    da lama minat ke sir moto superbike

  6. harga sebijik keta azahari. tu pn lepas 2 tahun leh dpt. klau hakeem dpt sebijik mmg mantap aa. suma awek lari mndapatkan kamu..sungguh! =D

  7. pijisan pon tgh cari-cari sebijik mende nih. kalo dapat, huiii...heaven lah! i loike!!
    cam gerek je jadik awek superbike. hehe.

  8. Ni saje jer post kat sini, nak beli tu kalau online bizniz cecah 5 angka sebulan baru boleh layan, naked bike ni memang nampak practical dan nampak cam comfort jer. Kalau ada sapa2 yang beli meh sini kasi test...

  9. hoho. keje sbg lecturer pon bleh pe pakai moto nih.
    nanti saya dah dapat sebijik sy bg en.zurai tumpang eh?
    tumpang je tau, xleh ride. hehe.

  10. beraper top speed moto nih??

  11. amanda: saye bwk karisma pown bersepah awek cari saye...sume berbunuhan nak kat saye. ape ade hal??

  12. Ayie z750

    erm.. ade sape2 yg guna kawasaki z750 tak?
    aku ngan member aku guna tp lum ade group..
    ingat nak cari group la..
    bosan hari minggu asyik naik genting jer...

  13. Assalamualaikum. saya nak jual ZX636 registered 09. call 012-3203170


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