Jun 23, 2009

Sekitar Pertandingan Nasyid Qistina 2009

This is the 2nd time in the row Qistina participate in nasyid and recital competition. Last year experience teach us somethin'. You can read here : Qistina Maulud | Nasyid 1429H 2008M. So we're ready to find the exit point for a long day of competition, I mean, 'going back early' rather than waiting about 30+ school competing each other a day long.

But lucky for us Qistina turn out to be the first group to perform in nasyid and 4th in Al-Fatihah recital. So around 10 am we can clearing out our step there. You can see in the pic where parents and the participants make a good crowd of it plus the space is not ample enough to fit all audience (parent lah of coz, who else ganna be the audience).

Sad for her, she not win anything, I know she do her best for it. But as a parent, it is enough for us to see her competing and build her self confidence towards crowds, microphone, stage, audience etc etc. To us, being on stage in her own age is good enough, this is some sort of educating her indirectly.

Then....we go to nearby supermarket and grab our lunch and heading home, coz Wafiq is there waiting for us at home...

Here it is, an event galore that we can share (video will upload later):

Macam2 gaya budak2 tadika ni, cam nak beraya

Standby...get ready for nasyid

From left, Qistina, Farisha, Fatin and Comel

Perarakan Maulud

A cute Dania, cant handle the fact that she's not joining the team

Mak budak2 ni nak pi nasyid gak ker, siap tempah baju sedondon lagi

Gambar hiasan sahaja

Wafiq yg menanti di rumah


  1. yg best kat cni wafiq dah pndai berdikari....dok rmh tggu parent tu...hahaha

    tahniah qistina!! abg hakeem bgga ngan kamoo...hehe

  2. wahhh..teringat zaman sekolah rendah dulu slalu join nasyid wakil sekolah..best best...
    qistina...u go girl!


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