Jun 14, 2009

Melaka once again

Dah lama rasanya tak travel, sbb baru je dapat new baby dan my wife not in a good health after maternity leave. So we spent most of our time for her treatment. But today in the Monday blues mood, I'm alone at home, just add another couple of days off. So I'll be back in the office on Wednesday.

I called my wife and ask her for staying a night at melaka until tuesday, and she's agreed but need a confirmation from her b boss.So I pick my daughter , Qistina and Wafiq around t noon, and wait for my wife get back home.

So here we're , an hour and a half travel from Batu Pahat to Melaka, lepaking at hotel, jalan-jalan cari makan. My last minute travel normally we go to KL, Melaka of JB because the travel journey and route is easy, ye lor with Plus highway intact along side. Compare with east cost area, no good highway and takes a long journey. Nak pegi Kuantan dan Terengganu masih tak jadi lagi sbb busy.

Since I'm waiting for something big this year, so we cancelled all travel plan. A lots of uncertain this year.

So here is a few thing ponder to share with you guys.

Wafiq on his 3 month


  1. yiii~ si kecil tu dh mkin tembam! cpatnya dia bsar..kawaaaiii~ ^^

  2. mata wafiq besar dan dia comel.bg dia makan ape? kerepek eh? huhu =P

  3. eh lupe plak, ape yg Qistina bualkan ngan kwnnye yg putih melepak itu?

  4. kwn die yg putih tu anak org putih ke albino???huhu..


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