May 17, 2009

MU: English Premier League 2009 Champ

Manchester United clinched their third-successive English Premier League title after they drew to Arsenal at Old Trafford but for god sake, it is happen in the boring saturday night game (here in Malaysia time) scoreless draw. I watch this game live plus at the same time our Malaysian shuttlers struggling with Chinese in China (3-0 lost) in Sudirman Cup.I will not comment more on this badminton thing, it is by far the best afford to shut the chinese.

Back to the EPL, I know MU want to celebrate the champ on its own field, but for the boring game like that it is a punishment to my strength of feeling you know. v Persey with his out of tune heading?, what? are you guys afraid to score.Ok , I know just need a point and we are the champ,and we still have a big game on 27th , final champ league vs Barca . Luckily, live in the evening, if it is on 2-3 am , what a waste.

Anyway, congrate to MU and its die hard fans out there, the red devils rules on.

1 comment :

  1. lepas nie blh la menang champion league plak..
    chelsea season nie mng ape ek????hahahaha


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