May 3, 2009

A fresh new look of a Clickbank

A fresh new look of a Clickbank, it had been a quite sometime I'm not checking my Clickbank account, and suddenly out of nowhere , the Clickbank is faceoff and change it to something different than before.

The theme color is red but contrast with the light green and comical graphic. I thought Clickbank is bought by another company in the first place but it is about time to change to the new face. It takes about 2 years for the previous theme stay online and publicize to netter. Nowadays, web theme and interface changing quite often to attract a visitors and compete with the millions web around the net world.

IMHO, design take a main role in attracting user basically, I know a lots of people like to know the content and read about it, and thats why they surf the net and googling around, to gain information. But, others aint sure about the stat prefer enjoying graphic related during sticking their eyes on web browser. I guess , content and pic is important.

Ok, lets take a look the diversion or maybe the evolution of Clickbank website from the late 90's till its today.

Clickbank In 1999 in 1999

This first design dates back to 1999, and definitely has a “Pre-2K” look to it. Notice how plain and simple it is. Having not known then what they would ultimately become, it would be very easy to write this site off as just another web startup. And yes, they did use the phrase “mountains of cash.”

Clickbank In 2000 In 2000

In 2000, they did a very slight redesign that at least added a clear distinction between merchants and affiliates (the two segments they were appealing to).

Clickbank In 2001 In 2001

2001 marked a noticeable improvement in design and the look that would go on to represent for the next 6 years. Notice the much better use of real estate in explaining what their product is and who could use it. They were still missing a clear Signup button though. In 2007 In 2007

Making a huge improvement (and 6 years in the making), Clickbank released this design in 2007 as the previous look was much too dated. With a clear description of their business in the middle of the top fold, Clickbank accurately described itself as the, “Internet’s leading retailer of digital products.” With the simple headings and clear call to action this was a very usable redesign. My main concern with this look, although it was light years ahead of the previous one, rested in the fact that it still felt too bland and corporate. In 2009 In 2009

So here we are in 2009, and the world’s abuzz with things like Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, and Facebook, and Clickbank thought it time to show off a new look

If you dont know what is the clickbank, here is the answer. Online commerce made its debut in 1995, amid much debate over whether this upstart business model could succeed. It is thirteen years almost to the day and not only has Internet marketing succeeded, it has become a major factor in financial markets the world over.

It has been definitively shown that you can make money with Internet marketing. One of the more successful marketers of affiliate referral programs is the Clickbank affiliate program. This is a kind of directory, if you will, of clients who are offering digital products for sale. Clickbank does the work of getting the clients into their website or program and then you come in to the mix.

As a member of the Clickbank affiliate program, you can choose which products you want to feature on your website. It is free to promote any of these products but obviously there are charges involved as a product owner. You are working with a program that does the vetting of clients for you. They have done the work of setting up their business, including all of the computer and programming to implement the program, and you are earning money from an established marketplace that provides you with plenty of information as to what to promote.

Source: Clickbank’s New Look (Plus All The Old Looks)
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