May 6, 2009

Barcelona vs Manchester United Uefa Champions League 2009

The knocked out stage of Championship Leagues 2008/2009 is end last night with Chelsea is the last team being knocked out. So there will another team to accommodate the champ of the loser sapa yg kalah final lah tu.

I'm following the semi final, just like usual english premier league season, because Chelsea, Arsenal and MU in top 4. Kind of boring though, where are other Seria A, Bundes League representative.

Ok back to the final, honestly I dont care who gonna win the champ, both team is my favourites. Since MU is bash by everton in FA cup and Barca smash Real Madrid not so real 6-2 so I guess Barca in strong arms. Do remember MU is wake up after losing to Liverpool and Fulham. Both team is now lead in their home league. Advantage of MU, the coach is lots of experience Sir Alex Pegasus, oh no Ferguson lahh! while Barca new coach.... no comment lor.

This is the good match up and I'm expecting a good game because I will watching it during nap time. And yet my prediction is 50-50 .

Roads to Rome

# FC Barcelona

Third qualifying round
Wisła Kraków (h) 4-0
Wisła Kraków (a) 0-1

Group stage (Group C winners)
Sporting Clube de Portugal (h) 3-1
FC Shakhtar Donetsk (a) 2-1
FC Basel 1893 (a) 5-0
FC Basel 1893 (h) 1-1
Sporting Clube de Portugal (a) 5-2
FC Shakhtar Donetsk (h) 2-3

First knockout round
Olympique Lyonnais (a) 1-1
Olympique Lyonnais (h) 5-2

FC Bayern München (h) 4-0
FC Bayern München (a) 1-1

Chelsea FC (h) 0-0
Chelsea FC (a) 1-1

# Manchester United FC

Group stage (Group E winners)
Villarreal CF (h) 0-0
Aalborg BK (a) 3-0
Celtic FC (h) 3-0
Celtic FC (a) 1-1
Villarreal CF (a) 0-0
Aalborg BK (h) 2-2

First knockout round
FC Internazionale Milano (a) 0-0
FC Internazionale Milano (h) 2-0

FC Porto (h) 2-2
FC Porto (a) 1-0

Arsenal FC (h) 1-0
Arsenal FC (a) 3-1

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  1. barca dan man u perlu belajar drpd gergasi itali dan eropah, iaini ac milan..........forza foza =p

  2. hahhaha...
    tukar skuad dlu..
    ac milan kurang skuad pelapis..
    kne blaja cri skuad pelapis..

  3. layan bola gak sir zurai ni...huhu. x sokong both team...Chelsea jugak best!!!

  4. salam....saya merupakan peminat chelsea...disini sy ingin menyatakan bahwa chelsea kalah disebabkan pengadil yg xpegi ambil kursus pengadilan...pengadil tue sampah masyarakat...pengadil tue 3B...botak,buncit,buta(sbnrnye bnyak lagi...cume xnak mencarut kat blog nie...)...ref nie patut di hukum dgn kejam oleh hope barca akan menang di final nnti..musnahkan syaitan merah(manchester) tue...

  5. nampaknya bad terlalu emosi dgn pengadil 3B tu...sabar lah bad

  6. saye stuju ngan bad....saye juga kecewa dgn pengadil!!!huh...


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