Apr 2, 2009

Setelah Sebulan

A month passing by just like that, click here click there here he is in his month of age, sapa lagi, my new baby boy la. During that period, I guess it's about 4 times , we bring him to clinic, jaundice, sneezing, high fever, skin itching, sour throat, diarrhea, mmmm thats all I guess, pity boy , too many illness in too little age.

A lot of advice from doc, encourage breast feeding, lactose free milk, ample room temperature, avoid fast ceiling fan, warm water during bath ....bla bla bla....

But, this is another chapter in raising your infant, maklumla it is about 6 years to be back at this mood. But back in the office, wahhh...final exam is cracking my head, I'm not the one who are sitting for the exam, but my students, I repeat again my students will sit for the exam, I'm so worried because they're not perform as I'm expecting they are. So I need to do another test, set a tuning class and do what I can do to help them. This is my first time ever had this kind of nervousness for my student, it's weired isnt it but it is reality. By the way good luck for them.

Ok lets talk about my baby, it's kind of guilty to snap or videoing him while crying, but that precious moment is very hard to resist. So for mums out there, no hard feeling because I do care my kids....hihihi....and here there are the collection of "Wafiq's'


  1. salam.. lama dah tak lawat blog nih.. busy sikit la.. nak cvall kg pun tak jumpa time yg sesuai.. dah besar anak sedara aku nih.. si Nina camner? terlayan tak? panggil dia Kak Long lah skarang ye? semoga semua ok..

  2. he's so cute! esp when he is on prone position..
    congrate la dpt baby cute miut

  3. baby skg dah x dibedung eh??
    kang org kate jalan bersepah. hehe~
    org kate la... xtau la sejauh mane kesahihan fakta tersebut.

  4. eh..eh..anak sape la ni..kecik2 dh pndai rukuk.. (gmbr 2nd last) tak yah bedung, kang susah lak baby boy jln kepit2.. (cm kenal aa sape..hehehe =P )

  5. ima: tak tau le bendung masih ada cuma tak kerap rasanya

    amanda: sapa haa???, ko ngumpat aku ker? hahahahah


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