Apr 19, 2009

Final Exam, Student and Work

Ok I feel kind of relief today because final exam is ended. But wait, there is a lots of work in queue, marking, report/result, MQA document, preparation for next sem subject, open registration, bla bla bla than "bila boleh cuti?".

I just finished 2nd round check with paper Network Admin, so far so good, nobody failed, and the worst grade is C, I still curious why there is no one get below C, this is so unusual...I guess I know, this sem I'm teaching only a single group of sem 4 student, and this particular group I consider it as fun group. They give a good commitment towards subject only a few person out of focus. I love to teach them once again next sem if I'm allow to.

The waiting paper need to be done is Integrated Network Services, a nightmare final sem subject. I admit it, a tough subject ye ker?, need a good focus and good fundamental in network computing especially data communication concept and computer network.I just finished marking the 10 objective question, the highest so far is six out of ten. So I can predict there is something bad will happen to this subject. In fact there is one student afraid to take the final exam and he had a single quiz turned in without any single answer. What a nightmare, just hope for the best from this group. I dont want to talk about the 2 groups of student that attend this subject, "nanti kata saya mengumpat le plak".

BUT...I still need to find the ample time to have some rest, I hope people will understand between work and family, so that I can spare my time with the love one. The works as usual will come and go but always followed from one to another. I dont have any ultimatum, take it or leave it.....

update: both of my subjects is under control, meaning, only few is failed....

to all my students enjoy yur sem break and all my colleague a really one enjoy your daily routine....

and remember dont do this in my class


  1. wah sir zurai puji kami!!!! hakikatnye mmg kami hebat la sir...hehehe

    trimas sir, ganbatte dcsn july 2007!!!

    p/s: kalo saye x dpt A saye calar civic sir....hahaha(just kidding)

  2. sir
    tkot ar sir...
    INS tu...hehe
    sy ngah praktikal nih...
    sir pnyer civic cantek


  3. Dont worry la .....

  4. chaiyok sir.....teruskan menanda paper exam...walaupun xde stdent yg dapat'A' utk paper NA...tp saya kalo boleh nak 'B+' pon jadilah sir....bcoz B for Badrul..huhuhuh

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