Mar 23, 2009

Google Search Top Keywords

I've been busy lately with the new born baby and dont have any spare time to post anything here. In fact my daily routine job also jam packed with the due and preparation for my students' final exam.

When I surf around and find that this article is good to share. This is a good info from one the most successful blogger from Malaysia. If you're involved in internet marketing, advertising or even participate in affiliate program on the net, I guess you should put it under your consideration. But yet, maybe after everything is sorting out I will try this tools or technique....

Google Search Top Keywords

This next trick I am going to show you is something that worked for me all the time. To be number one on google for Top Keywords!.

It really does not matter if you are new to blogging and what page rank you have all you really need is focus on Top Keywords and blogs that rank number one for keywords like example: “Make Money Online” or “Best Technology Blogs”

This is what I would like you to do!

Do research which blog is number 1 for keyword you are looking for. Then go to that blog and leave comment in way you don’t sound like spammer yet you want to draw traffic from that blog to your blog (blog post).

If you notice also that blog is accepting Post Trackbacks write a GOOD blog post on your blog and link to that blog post which is ranking No.1 for specific keyword.
This trick worked for me each time, I would get at least 500 visitors each month from each blog that rank number one.

So it really does not matter if you rank 12403 for keyword like “make money online” because your comment or Trackback is going to give you pretty much good exposure to people, that were interested in that keyword.

Source: BONTB


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