Mar 24, 2009

BisonCam Win XP WebCam Driver

BisonCam driver for web cam (BisonCam Nb Pro WebCam) , what is this? . This is the software driver to support web cam that attached to your laptop or any USB compatible camera, hmmmm still dont know yet ?, ask uncle Google at Ask .

Ok, I just want to share with you with the simple definition of "software drive", let say you but a new hardware like scanner, printer or any comp gadget. The device will be conected to your PC via USB, Serial Port, Parallel Port, Infra red , bluetooth or whatever medium in between. You plug in and wait and wait and wait...the device will not work until you do some installation procedure. Do remember the hardware hat you purchase normally will enclose with the CD, this CD provide some files that you need to copy to your PC. All of the copied files will use to establish the communication between your device and the PC. So now your device is ready to use.

Back to my BisonCam, this is the longest hunting or scouting for software driver ever in my entire life with IT industry, sound stupid though , been in this field 11 years , this is the most problamatic experience. Why?, because windows say no problem, device manager did not produce any signal of failure, the icon for camera is appeared in MyComputer, detect and full function (windows says) BUT .... BUT the image is not appear, only gray box. I thought the device already broken, I mean hardware failure.

After a few weeks passing by, fade up, frust, mad, anger, disappointed and give up, I ask google again, searc for this file, and it works, it works mate, it works dude, BUT (just another but)....the image is upside least the image is there....

To solve this I run a registry update and here I'm can do video call with my family....

Download BisonCam Win XP Driver

Registry update, save it as anyname.reg, than double click...

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




Bison Cam Windows Vista and Windows 7

For windows Vista and Windows 7 try download this driver from clevo


  1. it's working, very good. It's just need to reverse it from left to right, any clue?

  2. need to download BisonCam software and set the view

  3. thanks bro.
    i downloaded the driver and all my problems are duly solved

  4. smkom...saya wat xleh jgk la...sya pkai laptop jenama FTEC model FL31........
    Tolong Zuraidin n sapa2 yg bleh tlg laa....

  5. Anonymous: saya kena tahu apa masalah yg sebenar, OS pakai Vista or XP or Others?, so boleh e-mail saya. TQ

  6. hi.. its almost 2 weeks finding the solution for the problem of my webcam.. I tried ur soluttion above but when i try to uninstall the driver on the device manager it always aumatically detect and install the driver without installing the downloaded driver.. i run the exe but still the same.. camera still not working.. "black screen" can u pls help me.. pls pls pls.. thanks alot

  7. masalahnya semua sama " BLACK SCREEN" punya saya axioo mnc masih sama,sdh cari di mbah google tapi sampai sekarang belum nemuin solusi. tlng dong gimana caranya.sdh banyak driver di install tp hasilnya nihil.tlng di email ke saya

  8. Hi Zuraidin,

    thanks for your post! I also had much trouble with my BisonCam driver on my Clevo M570U laptop. While the above link for the XP driver does not work, I finally found the correct driver on

  9. i tried Download BisonCam Win XP Driver,,its works
    but the image up side how do i get the image

  10. Need to flip or modify the rotation, but you should have the Bisoncam aps, I'll update later

  11. bisoncam aps?..hope u'll update it as soon as..and my image not up side down anymore,
    thank you vry much

  12. Thank you for your information.

  13. xfahamm..sedih cam jadi grey box je


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