Jan 15, 2009

WEP | Network Security Issue

I find this "network tools" from someone post so I just paste it here for my reference. Still contact him/her for credit

- Automatically unlock wireless internet for you
- You do not need to know anything about linux command.
- Everthing is automised for you.
- Input the necessary Mac addresses in a 3 step procedure that takes 1minute at most.
- You will get the wep encrypted key within 1-5 minutes thereafter
- Able to do ap injection at a very high speed with supplied USB wifi adapter
- Package include the Linux OS, compatible USB wifi adapter and the linux script.
- No need to download or compile driver. Work out of the box just plug and play

Aircrack in Window Os

Crack Wpa2 Easily with Crack-wpa.fr - Free videos are just a click away

Download Backtrack3:~

Choose target
Type Data


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