Jan 8, 2009

Google Adsense and Western Union

Google AdSense blog announced a good news for AdSense publishers whose payment exceeds the maximum western union payment amount. Now, Google AdSense will divide up the amounts and send multiple Western Union payments.

OK, this might not interest every AdSense publishers, but it is a good news for AdSense publishers who were not able to receive AdSense payment via Western Union due to the payment exceeds the maximum Western Union payment amount in our countries.

from LiewCF.com

Picture courtesy LiewCF.com

Remember old days when Adsense send a check payment to Malaysian Publisher, it takes about a month and a half to clear it, plus a stupid charges from local banks and wait about 2 week for the check to arrive in your mail box.

Now with Western Union, you can take your cash instantly right after payment is issued by Adsense, Luv you pal ....

If you guys dont know what it is you can refer to my previous post

How to make money from your blog

details click here


  1. sy da byk kali apply adsense ni.. tp asyik kna reject ja.. dia kata language xsupport pastu sy resubmit la application adsense tu, sy tuka language ke indonesia-indonesia. Tapi kena reject gak... sy da hntr email support kt google tp dia kt sruh resubmit balik.. termasuk td, sy da resubmit 26 kali tp semua kena reject... apa kehe nie.. mntak tunjuk ajar sket. leh tolong apa problem sy ni... dah xtaw nk watpe da... huhuuhu

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. saya tgh submit adsense acc..
    w8 1-2 day to validate..
    adsense maybe for english language only..

  4. I think LiewCF is something Malaysian Bloggers can inspire to be...he blogs constantly and talks about a wide range of subjects...


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