Jan 15, 2009

ftp 110mb.com

What is FTP and how do I access or use it?
Solution In layman terms, FTP allows you to upload files to your account using a software that has an interface very similar to Windows Explorer.

The software acts just like any typical file manager. You can drag files into your domain account, delete them, rename them, etc...

Our top FTP software recommendation is FileZilla, which you can download at: http://tinyurl.com/67eh53

To login:

Step 1: Start FileZilla.

Step 2: Click on File --> Site Manager

Step 3: Click on "New Site" button.

Step 4: As "Logontype" click on "Normal".

Step 5: Enter your account details into boxes as per below...

Your FTP details are:

FTP/Host: USERNAME.110mb.com (OR ftpX.110mb.com if you're on box13 onwards. EG: ftp13.110mb.com)
Username: USERNAME

if you still have a problem please visit here



  1. yg free account dia provide mysql, tu yg agak ampeh. Aritu sy nk belajar publish 1 website xjadi sbb dia sruh sy beli mysql... zzzzz.
    Bg la 5 MB ke, 3 MB ke leh la... Org first time guna pun leh bljr manatau leh beli.. hehehe.. ada 1 website ni yg provide free mysql untuk database nyer, xsilap sy 000web.com. Fungsi lebih kurang 110mb.com gak la tp 000web.com ni ada byk sket kelebihan.

  2. dulu 110mb.com ni dia bagi free mysql , sekarang ni dia kedaung sikit (kedekut), nak buat free hosting boleh lah sbb takde iklan or banner.

  3. [pembetulan].. bukan 000web.com tapi 000webhost.com. Yg ni ada bg free sql skali siap leh guna ftp. Agak senang gak ar.. sy byk bljr psl nk wat2 website ni... nti org tnya xdala tergamam kan... :)


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