Nov 19, 2008

MyVi Club

Hari ni masa aku park kereta nak pi masuk opis, suddently aku nampak triplet MyVi, kembar 3, nampaknya opismate aku ni dah boleh menubuhkan kelab MyVi, most of the junior staff yang berstatus "cik" use this MyVi, I guess this is the best suit and match with their profile, I mean 'available'.

Since I'm onto cars enthusiast, and had a few blogs about car, so aku mesti ada sense nak tulis something related to this iron muscle. Oh ya before aku melalut panjang2 ni kereta2 pilihan opismate aku.

This is the newest one, still "bau kedai" in it

If they're considering a bit modification, I guess they can consider it...

For all you people who are planning to buy the Perodua Myvi, there’s a TRD bodykit out there for the Toyota equivalent which is the Toyota Passo. Can’t wait to see Myvis on the road with this kit slapped on. Looks darn good.


Hmmm What is triplet by the way?
According to A group or set of three of one kind.

Just like this example


  1. wahwah...who wanna join da clubs?? hehe...since sir azahari da xleh join club myvi sbb dia da de BLM...could he be considered to join "cik" club?? wakk lu!! haha...
    jgn mara!!

  2. dah macam desparate housewives ajer.. hehehehehe


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