Oct 27, 2008

Mozilla FireFox Reached 500 million downloads

After long break celebrating hari raya or Aidilfitri celebration for muslim, I couldnt find anything to post here except this one, I'm using FireFox since the version 1 just a few years back. Right now in version 3

or you can download here FireFox3

In my opinion, FireFox is much better compare to the ie7. Opera and Google Chrome also in my list, Safari works better in Apple or Mac

But yet, FireFox right now on top of my list.

Firefox, the open source web browser from Mozilla, is continuing to grow at a phenomenal rate, and has now passed the 500 million download mark since its launch in November 2004.
According to the Spread Firefox web site, there had been 500,168,448 downloads as of 6:15 a.m. PST. About 12 hours earlier, there had been more than 499,900,000.

In September 2007, Firefox crossed the 400 million download mark, indicating an average rate a bit shy of 20 million per month at present.

Firefox is the only browser in the market to have somewhat managed to put a dent in the market share of Microsoft Internet Explorer. But even with this level of success, Firefox is still a long way behind Internet Explorer as web browser of choice. While IE has a market share of about 75%, Firefox can only manage 17%.

The developers behind the project have been working on the version 3 of Firefox which is expected to come out in the near future.


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