Jul 10, 2008

Zuraidin Blogspot goes mobile

Last night I just bought my wife a brand new Nokia N81, maybe the design look cool and slick with dual speaker so music and movie sound better. It support wifi and 3G, dual camera but front camera just for 3G Video call. So now both our phone can make video call. I subscribe Celcom 1+3 package , so upline and downline (mcm direct selling la plak) can make free call, sms, mms and video call. Cannot test the video call because no 3G only single G available around here. So opt to that, I test the wifi from nokia symbian setup, it is a bit different from win mobile wifi and 802.11g wifi for mobile pc, but for sure since it is wifi , they're using same protocol wireless 802.11g.

The wifi setup for Nokia N81 is fairly simple , I just use one setting called Wifi-Wizard agaknya. I'm also invite my Dopod D810 and my beloved Dell XPS M1330 lappy to test the wifi together with their new members on board the Nokia N81.

OK, this is the result:

Dopod D810

Nokia N81

Dell XPS M1330


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