Jul 4, 2008

HP 2133 miniNote PC

Small but mighty

Ideal for use by pupils, sixth formers, further and higher education students and teachers alike who are looking for an ultra-mobile PC without compromise. The miniNote is small in size (as wide as an A5 pad) and light (under 1.5kg with a 4.5 hour battery) but it's big on usability, durability and sleekness. Packed with an impressive combination of features, the HP 2133 offers you a full-function PC in a small, highly portable package.

Effective anytime and anywhere learning

The HP 2133 comes equipped with the tools you need to learn or prepare lessons anywhere: 22.6cm diagonal, scratch-resistant (what we used to call hard-glass but this is an acrylic), WXGA screen; 92% full-size keyboard (so no excuse for mis-typing!); optional multi-gang charger to charge spare batteries; batteries that are charge to 90% in 90 minutes via HP Fast Charge system.

Robust for Education

Designed to withstand the daily rigour of school the miniNote has a magnesium alloy structure to protect the internal components, strong metal alloy hinges and HP's 3D Drive Guard to protect the mighty 120GB hard-drive. HP Durakeys keep the miniNote looking like something to be proud of; the coating makes the keys 50 times more resistant to wear than keyboards without.

Cut the cords and stay connected

In addition to the battery of of 4.5 hours, wireless a/b and g (everything you'll ever need!) you have the ability to access your schools network from anywhere you choose (subject to your wireless coverage), connect to your internet connection at home or at wireless hotspots. Built in Bluetooth provides simple connection to a range of peripherals like cameras, mobile phones and printers.


Experience video, still-image capture, web conferencing or video enhanced instant messaging with no additional hardware to buy or carry. The integrated VGA webcam enables both video and still-image capture so you can add photos and video clips to presentations, documents and email.

disclaimer: definitely not my review, so in what class this PC reside?, palmtop ? laptop? mininote???. IMHO, very portable and up to 6hrs battery just the processor Via C7 M ulv kind of curious with the performance and stability. Fujitsu used to be one of the manufacturer such PC but market kind of slow. But right now after Asus present EEPC to worldwide most of well known PC co. try to coupe up with this new trend. Me myself if got $$$$ why not?, but right now HTC P3600i or Dopod D810 on its way to my pocket. Adios


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