Jun 17, 2008

Persona Kissing My Car

This is happen a few months back, it happen when I reverse and phone (tgh layan handphone) so the warning signal barely heard while I'm listening to my friend on the phone. Langgar sikit je tapi bumper habih, lucky for me, replacement not required. So the paint shop guy , tighten it a little bit then spray painted. 2 days finished. It's kind of curse to me most of my car will hit something when newly bought it.

most important thing is we all safe

the dent

fix a little bit

waiting for spray painting

Now back to normal

1 comment :

  1. kete bukanlah hakmilik kekal .. biasalah bro kissing kissing gittewww.. me pun selalu kener.. tapi yg paling bengang maser parking kat rumah kondo - tak tahu saper yg kissing cikcity me yg iteww.. hmmm



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