May 30, 2008

Mr. Bean in my blogger

I'm use modify a simple JavaScript to add Mr. Bean sneaking figure (as you can see at top right corner of my blog). Sprisingly he also appeared in my blogger setup , look down here.

It’s quite a few times I’m using scripting but this time kind of funny. Most of my script in blog more onto statistic, plug-in tools, enable or disable elements or any technical web constructions. If you're good in JavaScript you can do almost anything to your web appearence.

Instead of JavaScript there is alots of scripting, coding , programming, tools that help you in developing blog or web page. Currently I'm trying to do some programming and others elements that might help me to make my blog or web looks cool (or cool wannabe). Right now (to me) the followings is essential, CSS (Cascading style sheet), JavaScript, maybe PHP and MySql for dynamic content of web or manage/hosting blog, site or forum, html indeed, XML, flash. If listed here it doesnt mean I know how to use it, am hardly trying to use all of this things.

This is a good site for web development W3Schools

1 comment :

  1. waah..interesting!! can i have a teddy bear? could u do one for me please~~~~~ (^_^)


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