May 27, 2009

Barcelona 2-0 Manchester United Uefa Champions League final 2009

Barcelona Champions League

Barcelona Champions League

This morning (local time): Barcelona FC win over MU in Uefa Champions League final 2009. It is a good game but I'm barely following the game because my eyes is too heavy to fit and watch the game.

They both played well, but MU seems like they have no clue why they're in the field. Credit goes to Barca keeper, his superb instinctive save in second minute to keep out goal-bound Ronaldo free-kick and rarely found himself in trouble there after.

Samuel Eto'o and Lionel Messi scored the goals either side of half-time. MU gave up right when Eto'o scored the first goal. Messi has never in his career made a header, as far as I'm know and scored with the bouncing header with van De Sar locked and watch the ball passing by. Barcelona deserved to win that final.

Lionel Messi scores in the 70th minute


  1. hahahaha......padan muke man utd....kalah....barca meng mudah jew....kalo nak dikirakan.....taun lepas lwn chelsea final pon mng nasib sbb penalti terry tergelincir...kalo u kalah gak dgn chelsea...kalah bermaruah jugak la chelsea...kalah sampai kene tibai 2-0 dgn barca...sgt memalukan.....tahniah kpd barca...kecewakn man u yg yakin dpt rangkul 5 cume dpt dua jew...hahaha...padan muke...

  2. hahahaha...padan muka cam penakut, igt EPL ke ape..kalau menang pun x guna..hehehehe..saya sangat sukeeeeeee...


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